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Head Speaks: Where I talk about anything geeky.  Comics, movies, role-playing games, tv shows, books… it’s all up for grabs.

G.I. Joe: A Real American Headcast: My group of Joes and myself get together to talk about the G.I. Joe comic book and cartoon from the 80s.

Task Force X: The show where I look at the Suicide Squad and Checkmate books, again, from the late 80’s.

The Starman/Manhunter Adventure Hour: I look at the Will Payton Starman and the Mark Shaw Manhunter books…  Currently I’ve finished the Manhunter books, so I’m just looking at Will’s book.

The Star Bright Project: My wife and I (with other co-hosts and special guests), look at one of the greatest time travel series created… Quantum Leap.

VoyagersCast: Another time travel show, where Michelle and I look at Voyagers!  A great one season time travel show.

Finally, Bravo Team:  Not a separate show, but a show that is tied in to my G.I. Joe: A Real American Headcast show, where my fellow Joes and I look at anything else G.I. Joe related.

Coming soon: G.I. Joe: The Adventures Continue – A G.I. Joe Roleplaying Headcast, where I and several other Joes play the new G.I. Joe Roleplaying game!

All shows are available on most podcatchers (if it’s not on yours, let me know).  I also have all of the latest episodes below, for your listening pleasure.   Also, check out my Facebook group

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G.I. Joe: The Adventures Continue – A Bi-weekly G.I. Joe Roleplaying Headcast






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